Black Feather Temari Ball Kit With Tutorial VIdeo: All Materials and Notions Valued $169

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Temari Ball Bundle Kit: Sufficient materials to make Feather Temari Ball (Black)

We recommend you to start Kiku White Temari ball before doing this Temari project to pick up the basic Temari moves. Please click the link to find the product.

Take your Temari Stitches next level with pre-made white Temari ball white with 6 division!

You can start from the fun embroidery part because you can skip all the daunting preparation part: The ball is ready for you!

Not feeling confident? Step-by-step tutorial video will show you everything. All you have to do is to copy Master Sensei's Temari stitches over her shoulder!


-. 1 Temari Ball Black 9cm diameter with 6 divisions

-. 6 temari threads including golden thread

-. 2 Long special needles

-. Ring stand (so that your ball can stand still)

-. Needle threader

-. Video step-by-step instruction will be sent to you: this shows the whole process and you won't miss a second. 

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