Stunning Japanese quilts and wall hangings with piecework all intricately hand-stitched…

Where do talented Japanese Artisans’ find their incredible sewing skills and inspiration?

Do you think it might take you forever to acquire those same incredible skills?

The Secret Sewing Skills that allow you to sew like a pro in record time. 

Learn the secret skills 99% of sewers have never heard of!

Take a front row seat and learn the Japanese Artisans’ secret sewing skills watching our sewing tutorial videos!

Just watch and copy! Acquire all the incredible sewing skills you need and be inspired making unique bags, wallets and wall-hangings!

No need to travel to Japan! No more having the information ‘lost in translation’.

Watch our Video Sewing Tutorials and start sewing like a Japanese Artisan now

Sewing Tutorial Videos

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About Us

About Patchwork Ninja

Konnichiwa, this is Dai the Patchwork Ninja!

I grew up in a patchwork shop in Japan because my mother, Mama Ninja Mariko, has been running her patchwork shop in Kumamoto for 35 years now. We know the Japanese sewing scene inside and out because we have been exhibiting at major quilt shows such as the famous Tokyo International Quilt Festival for the last 20 years. We have taught over 9700 sewers throughout Australia, Europe and Japan through our hands-on workshops.

Have you ever seen quilts made by Japanese artisans? Huge queen-size wall hangings with hand detailed Sashiko Embroidery, detailed gradations of indigo fabrics, piecework all intricately hand-stitched? Where does the artisans’ inspiration and skills come from? Did they acquire those incredible sewing skills after 100 years of experience? Of course not. 


To tell you the truth, there is a closely guarded SECRET. They have learnt those skills from their masters, Gurus of the Japanese Sewing Scene. 

Often these secrets are not allowed outside of the small sewing guilds in Japan. Japanese artisans only teach these sewing secrets to their loyal pupils.

Would you like to become an outstanding sewer who can express unlimited creativity and earn tremendous respect from your sewing friends? 

Our purpose is to help you become confident and able to sew like a Japanese Artisan in record time through our Patchwork Ninja Sewing Tutorial Videos.

Patchwork Ninja Sewing Tutorial Videos: Jam packed with the secret sewing hacks that 99% of Sewers have never heard of

Patchwork Ninja Sewing Tutorial Videos are jam packed with tips to cut your sewing time in half, protect your hands and back from chronic injury and most importantly, show you how to give your project the professional finishing touch regardless of your sewing level.

You will be able to sew like a talented Japanese Artisan in record time when you:

1. Watch how Japanese Artisans sew, looking right over their shoulder with a crystal-clear view!

2. Use the sewing techniques that you will learn through our projects by making our bags wallets and wall-hangings! 

3. Master how to use versatile Japanese Sewing Notions called ‘Ninja Notions’ through our detailed tutorial videos to halve your sewing time and reduce your stress!

4. Finish your projects, feel fantastic about it and receive AMAZING feedback from your sewing friends and realize you are an excellent sewer!

After teaching over 9700 sewers around the world, we realized that 99% of sewers don’t know about our secret sewing skills and Japanese sewing notions that make you sew fast, just like a Ninja!

The Patchwork Ninja team, Dai the Ninja, Azu the Ninja and Mama Ninja Mariko, are fully committed to sharing all the sewing secrets through Patchwork Ninja Sewing Videos because we want to show you EVERYTHING that we know about the Japanese sewing scene.

You don’t need to travel to Japan!

No interpreter or Google translate required!

No misunderstanding because you will watch right over the Artisan’s shoulder!

You will be crystal clear on how to construct bags, wallets and wall hangings before you sew! Once you can see how things are constructed, the sewing process becomes much faster, allowing you to finish in record time!

Start watching our sewing tutorial videos and unlock the secrets of the Japanese Sewing World now!

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