Workshop 20% OFF Kimono Tapestry Black Border 6pc Kit

Workshop 20% OFF Kimono Tapestry Black Border 6pc Kit

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Japanese Kimono Tapestry (6pc): Black or Dark frame fabrics

Skill level:*

Finished size: H110cm x 80cm

hand sew or sewing machine

Naomi Collection is 100% cotton and very easy to use for quilting. Its designs are taken from real antique Kimonos.


  •  Yuwa Naomi Collection Fabrics (Cotton 100%, designs from real Kimono)
  •  Fabrics for frames Black
  •  Pattern and Instruction.

you need:

  • Batting
  • Backing fabrics
  • background Kimono fabric(white)

Important: Please note that the photos shown here are just samples. So many different types of designs are available for Naomi fabrics and we cannot take every single photo of all combinations of Naomi fabrics (Kimono part) and frames. Please let us know your preference of colour of Kimono and frame and we will try to suit your needs as much as possible. The colours of Kimonos are not restricted to the ones in our sample photos.

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