Giant Boston Bag Pattern

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This Giant Boston Bag will attract everyone's attention and you can fit A LOT!

Make it and keep using it forever! It's the kind of the bag!

Finished size approx: H26cm x L48cm x W32cm

Pattern and Instruction (Printed)

You will Need the following materials!

  • Japanese Fabric for exterior: 6 Kinds
  • Lining and pockets fabric
  • Iron-on Wadding
  • Stress Free Zipper 1.2m
  • Special Pull
  • Fusible Bias Tape Black 10m
  • Fusible Bias Tape Gold 10m
  • A set of flower handle
  • Plastic Shells 3.5cm diameters: 4 pieces
  • Pattern and Instructions 
  • Boro Ninja Web 145x 30cm (1.5 packs)


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