Funnel 3C: Upgrade it to bundle package Carry Bag

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When this funnel 3C is ordered, then send the followings.
  • Carry bag kit
  • Extra 10m (1 roll) 6mm iron-on bias tape 
  • Extra 1 Twist closure 
  • Extra Clear craft vinyl for pockets
  • Extra 3 Coloured zippers 20cm each 
  • Extra 2.5m Pre-folded bias binding
  • Extra 2.5m Balck 3cm wide handles 
  • Ninja Needle Grabber
  • Sharpest Ninja Needle (24 needles)
  • Washi paper for vinyl (10pc)
  • Basting tape 20m 5mm wide (for handles)
  • 4m wide twin needle

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