Black Temari Ball 8 Division:  1 Ball Only

Black Temari Ball 8 Division: 1 Ball Only

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You can start from the fun embroidery part because you can skip all the daunting preparation part: The ball is ready for you!

Not feeling confident? Step-by-step tutorial videos will show you everything. All you have to do is to copy Master Sensei's Temari stitches over her shoulder!


-. 1 Temari Balls:  9cm diameter with 8 divisions 

-. Video step-by-step instructions will be sent to you: this shows the whole process and you won't miss a second. 


What you need to make Temari project (not included in this product)

-. 5 temari threads 

-. 1 golden temari thread 4m 

-. 2 Long special needles

-. Ring stand (so that your ball can stand still) x 2

-. Needle threader

-. 4 colour pins: versatile for Temari Projects!

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