Textile Art Facemask Bundle Make Up to12 New Design Masks: Boro, Sashiko and Shibori masks All Materials and all notions covered in the tutorial: Valued $352 and 44% OFF!

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Make 12 fabulous New Textle Art Facemasks: 2 Boros, 2 Shibori, 2 Sashiko facemesks plus additional 6 facemasks using your fabrics!

Easiest constructions! Make many and spread the Mask Love for your family and friends! Save $170 and 44% OFF!

Start making 6 masks straight away with all Sashiko, boro and Shibori notions plus special Nifty Ninja Notions which guarantee the professional outcome overnight!

Please choose colour for 10pc silk packs for this bundle (we will contact you through email): choose from red, blue, navy, black/white, green and purple.


-. Japanese Soothing Double gauze perfect for all seasons: Enough for 12 facemaks 30x144cm

-. Stretchy Binding 6m each for black and navy (for 12 facemasks)

-. Special Machine Thread Resilon Thread 300m Black

-. Twist-ties 12pc

-. Plastic Mask Protectors No more sweaty masks: 2pc

-. Thin Boro fusible Interfacing 60x 110cm (you can make up to 16 boro facemasks)

-. Top quality straight Sashiko Needles

-. 10pc Kimono Silk package:Choose your colour

-. Sashiko thread for Matching colour with your choice of silks (you can make up to 5 boro masks)

-. 33x 36cm Naomi Yuwa Kimono Printed Cotton x 2 pc (for Shibori mask exterior)

-. 3D Shrinking Interfacing 60x 120cm (You can make up to 6 Shibori Masks)

-. Reverse Action Tweezer

-. Sashiko Fabric (20x 52cm)

-. Iron Chaco Pen Heat Erasable Pen

-. (Optional) Camphor Laurel Ninja Timber Pressor

All together valued $397! and It's 44% OFF Only 8 packs available!

Please note: No further discount can be applied to this bundle.

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