Special Bundle: 3 Ohana Shoe Pouch Kits, 3 Bonbori Case Kits, 10 pc Zippers Plus All Sewing Notions Covered in Workshop: Total Value: $309AUD and 40% OFF

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Make 8 Shoe Pouches and 8 Bonbori Case Kits with all the notions covered in our step-by-step tutorial video! 

Save up to $125AUD and it's 40% OFF!

Special bundle package includes

  •   Kit of 3 Shoe pouch
  •   Kit of 3 Bonbori cases
  •  5 pieces 12cm zipper (you can make extra 5 shoe pouches using your fabric)
  •  5 pieces 10cm zipper (you can make extra 5 bonbori cases using your fabric)
  •  25m MF tape
  •  30x 90cm Super Strong Ninja Web Double-sided adhesive interfacing
  •  Ninja Needle Grabber
  •  24 Ninja Needles (sharpest ever in Japan)
  • Heavy-duty waxed thread Black
  • Optional: Ninja Timber Camphor Laurel Presser: you can add to your bundle.

All the value including Ninja Timber is $309AUD and you are saving $125AUD, 40% OFF! What a bargain!

Just jump in before everyone gets it!

Materials included in shoe pouch kit

  • - Japanese Naomi fabric 100% cotton
  • - Black fabric 100% cotton
  • - Iron-on fusible wadding (polyester)
  • - 12cm zipper
  • - Plastic button

Materials included in Bonbori case kit

  •  Japanese Naomi fabric 100% cotton (6 kinds)
  •  Lining fabric 100% cotton
  •  10cm zipper
  •  Double-sided Interfacing Super Strong Ninja Web
  •  MF tape
  •  A hook

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