Ninja Ring Needle Grabber and 24sharpest Ninja Slipstitch Needles

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Are you frustrated with your hand-sewing? Here are 2 Fantastic Ninja Notions from Japan that allow you to hand-sew like a pro overnight!

Pink Needle Grabber and

24 Ninja Needles: Sharpest needles in Japan!

Get both for a bargain!

Ninja Needle Grabbers: Do you avoid hand-sewing because of the pain of arthritis or the difficulty of sewing thick materials? Are you sick of using a pair of pliers or your teeth?

The needle grabber allows you to push and pull needles easily through many layers of fabric easing the strain on your hands. Simply use either of the thimble pads to push the needle tip into the fabric, then grip the needle with the special grabber and pull it through. When you are finished, use the thread cutter to cut the thread. No more searching for snips or scissors!

Convenient ring design allows the tool to stay on your hand while sewing. It incorporates 2 thimble pads and a unique thread cutter.

Do you have hand cream residue, suffer from hot hands or just like to keep sewing in humid weather? No problem! The Ninja Needle Grabber alleviates all of these.

Sashiko stitching, applique and hand quilting become smooth and comfortable, allowing you to sew for longer.


Ninja Needles: Do you avoid hand-sewing because you are not happy with your sewing needles?

This slipstitch needles from Japan are sharpest ever. Why Japanese needle work are so fiddley?
Because we are using this needle in Japan. Not only the slipstitch, you can make teddy bear no problem! This package contains 25 fantastic needles. Look at this old-fashioned package because this company has been making their great needles for 100 years.

Quantity: 24 needles
size;L4.3cm eye;0.8mm


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