Kit of 4 wallets: 3D Fantastic Fan Coin Sorting Wallet 28% OFF

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Probably you have never seen this wallet before! This smart fan wallet sorts your notes and coins for you! Just chuck notes and coins from the top opening and you can take only coins from the back opening. It's a Magic!

Also 3D shrinking interfacing enclosed in the kit will allow you to make an instant Shibori fabric with texture and depth from your favourite cotton fabrics! 

Perfect gift idea because it will attract everyone's attention! Start making it now.

You have an option to include a roll of MF tape (25m) in your kit and say good-bye to your zipper phobia! You can fuse zipper and fabrics before sewing these together so that you won't make any mistakes!

Get this kit of 4 for bargain! 28% OFF!

- 4 kind of fabrics
- Black fabrics
- Shrinking interfacing
- Wadding/batting
- Stressfree zip and ring slider small
- 12cm zip
- Pattern
Sufficient materials to make 4 wallets!

Fantastic for your Christmas gifts!
Optional: add a roll of MF tape: Double adhesive 1cm wide iron-on fusible tape for extra $9 (normally the roll is $18).


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