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The Open-Wide Backpack kit has everything you need to create a beautiful backpack that everyone will admire. Large enough to carry your day to day items to work or study and perfect for travelling, the wide opening top enables you to easily reach the contents inside while the bag stands up.

Finished size approx: H40cm x L40cm x W20cm

Skill level: Intermediate 

  Kit Contents:

  •  Pattern and Instructions
  •  1 x 25cm Wireframe
  •  10m Iron-on bias tape (black): a lot of leftover!
  •  2 x Ninja Snap buttons
  •  2 x Strap Adjuster attachment
  •  1 x Freestyle zipper 120cm and slider
  • 2.5m Strap for a 3mm wide handle!


All materials (except sewing tools) are included in your kit so that you can start making it straight away

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