Japanese Chirimen phone/mobile Lanyard Pre-Kit

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Let's Make fancy Japanese necklace with your phone!

Wouldn't it be great if you could make your smartphone lanyard with beautiful Chirimen Fat Cords?

You can adjust any length!
This lanyard will leave your both hands FREE!

You will never lose your phone ever again!


Fat 8mm diameter Chirimen cord allows you to make the eye-catching Japanese Chirimen Lanyard!

Plus You can finish making it within 20 minutes!

Lanyard sheet will be slit into your mobile phone case. It's heavy duty and no adhesive required. Your phone never drops.

Pre-Kit contents

-. Chirimen cord 1m

-. Lanyard sheet(placstic) 1pc 

-. Instruction

What you need

-. Accessories attached to the cord: x2pieces (the end code, would be beads)

-. Adjuster

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