Ergonomic Glove to relieve pain from fatigue or injury

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Do you avoid hand sewing because of pain from arthritis, injury or fatigue? This Ergonomic glove was invented by a legendary Japanese quilter, Shizuko Kuroha. Based on her experience, the glove supports your hand and finger muscles helping to keep your hand relaxed and comfortable while hand sewing. Continue to quilt, stitch even crochet or knit in comfort for hours each day! The glove is designed so it can be worn on either left or right hand.


Two sizes are available. To find your size, use the image to measure your hand (not including your thumb) If your hand measures less than 18cm the Medium is for you, if your hand is over 19cm choose the Large. The fabric is very stretchy so the perfect fit should be firm on your hand.1 Glove per packet


Model hand: M size (The widest part without the thumb is 18cm. 

Medium: The widest part without the thumb (see the picture) 11.5cm~Hight 16cm

 Large:  13.5cm ~Hight 16cm.  (From 19cm~, 

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