Colourful 5 set mini cut 33x36cm

Colourful 5 set mini cut 33x36cm

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Cotton 100%
each piece 33x36cm 13in14in

Perfect to make up
-. Ooku Kimono Quilt ( 4 pack that make a quilt)
-. Sunrise bag (a pack)
-. Mutsu bag (a pack)
-. Kimono purse (1 pack, that make 2 bags)
-. Shikaku bag (a pack with small size, Large need 2 pack)

Designs from antique Kimonos. Designed by well-known fabric designer Naomi Itaya. Very quilters friendly cottons with kimono designs on it. Great textures too.

Very popular in Japan. See related items in our shop to have an idea of how to make the most of this fabric.

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