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Make 8 fabulous New Textle Art Facemasks: 3 Boros, 3 Shibori, 2 Sashiko facemesks!

Easiest constructions! Make many and spread the Mask Love for your family and friends! Save $145 and 42% OFF!

Start making 8 masks straight away with all Sashiko, boro and Shibori notions plus special Nifty Ninja Notions which guarantee the professional outcome overnight!


-. Japanese Soothing Double gauze perfect for all seasons: Enough for 8pc

-. Stretchy Binding 4m each for black and navy

-. Special Machine Thread Resilon Thread 300m Black

-. Twist-ties 8pc

-. Plastic Mask Protectors No more sweaty masks: 2pc

-. Thin Boro fusible Interfacing 60x 110cm (for Boro masks)

-. Top quality straight Sashiko Needle

-. 10pc Kimono Silk package:IMPORTANT: Please note the design may vary from the image.

-. Sashiko thread for Matching colour

-. 33x 36cm Naomi Yuwa Kimono Printed Cotton x 3 pc (for Shibori masks)

-. 3D Shrinking Interfacing 60x 120cm (For Shibori Masks)

-. Reverse Action Tweezer

-. Sashiko Fabric (20x 52cm)

-. Iron Chaco Pen Heat Erasable Pen

All together valued $344! Only 8 packs available before the workshop day!

Please note: No further discount can be applied to this bundle.

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