Bundle A Kit $100 OFF Gothic Bag kit, Fusible Bias Tapes Black, Twin Needle and All the special sewing notions valued $329 AUD 31% OFF

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 Special Bundle available: Make 2 bags with a professional touch using the special Japanese sewing notions.

Are you struggling to create intricate designs with lots of curves? Perhaps you are sick of making fusible bias tape yourself? Well, the good news is you don't have to piece those curved segments anymore!

This pre-made Iron-on bias tape lets you create your quilt design perfectly and smoothly. Being fusible eliminates the need for hand basting and saves you time!

All you need is an iron to apply this tape, then it's ready for stitching by hand or machine.

Use special 4mm wide twin needle for extra security and halve your sewing time! 

Bundle Contents:

  • Gothic Bag Kit
  • 6mm wide Iron-on bias tapes (10m long) x 1 roll Black: 
  • 4mm wide Twin Needle
  • Ninja Needles sharpest for slipstitch 25 pieces.
  • Heavy-duty thread waxed: white,Black
  • Ninja Needle Grabber
  • Grass thimble
  • Rubber tips x2
  • Ninja Timber Camphor Laurel (Optional: You can include it in a bundle for a bargain)

All together valued $329, save up to $100! 31% OFF

Only 4 bundles available!



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