Asanoha Stained Glass Wall Hanging Pattern, Bias Tape Black, Gold and 4mm Wide Twin Needle!

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Make this intricate stained glass wall hanging without piecing individual segments!

Magical Bias Tape and Twin Needles!


Skill Level: Advanced Sewer

Better to work with a Sewing machine

Finished size approx: 128xm c 92cm


  • Instruction and pattern
  • 6mm iron-on bias tape: Gold Metallic 10m and Black 10m
  • 4mm wide Twin Needle for securing the iron-on bias tape. 

Not included in this package.

  • 12 kind Japanese Yuwa Naomi Fabrics 50x 55cm
  • Lining fabric
  • Iron-on Batting 
  • 6mm iron-on bias tape: Gold Metallic 5m, Grey 5m, Navy 5m, Green 5m and Black 10m
  • 6 plastic disc cover buttons
  • Backing fabric 140x 110cm


You will also need

Black and red marking pens

Sharpest Needles from Japan

Template plastic or stiff cardboard

Sharp pointed scissors

Quilting Safety pins

Long ruler with metric increments

Ninja Timber presser (optional)

Heavy Duty Threads

Rotary Cutter


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