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Is sewing not your cup of tea? Why not just weave and make your fabulous Christmas basket without sewing!

Perfect for beginners and suitable for crafty children!

Why do we call this fushigi (mysterious)? Have a look at this Woven Christmas Basket carefully because you will see 4 beautiful layers in these baskets in separate areas. How can you weave this Christmas gift and achieve the same beautiful results? Do you need special skills and lots of practice? Anyone can do it, regardless of their sewing experience!

Finished size: H22x L15x W15cm 

Special Bundle allows you to make up to 6 baskets using your own materials. All the special Japanese sewing notions covered in the workshop is also included in this bundle! 

Make heaps and save a lot!



- Kit for 3 basket

- Cotton fabrics 4 types
- Lining fabric (the same as one of those 4 exterior fabrics
- 3cm Iron-on Buckram tape 16m
- Pre-cut Iron-on Fusible interfacing
- Iron-on fusible buckram strip for bottom of the basket
- Instructions

All materials are included in this kit, ready for you to begin making your bag.

  • 1 extra role of Fusible buckram tape
  • 24 pieces Sharpest Ninja Needles Slipstitch
  •  Heavy duty thread: black 1pc
  •  Needle Grabber 1pc
  •  Iron chaco pen
  •  Iron-chaco pen refills (2 pieces)
  • 2 instructions: Large and small baskets!
  •  Optional Camphor Laurel Ninja Timber Pressor

Total value is up to $299! Save $130 and 43% OFF! What a bargain!

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